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Ruby Client Usage

Use the Aerospike Ruby client to build Ruby applications to store and retrieve data in the Aerospike database.

The Aerospike Ruby client runs on any platform with Ruby v1.9.3 and above.


This example creates a client opens a cluster connection, creates a key, writes a record, deletes the client and key, and closes the cluster connection.

require 'rubygems'
require 'aerospike'

include Aerospike

client ='')

key ='test', 'test', 'key value')
bin_map = {
'bin1' => 'value1',
'bin2' => 2,
'bin4' => ['value4', {'map1' => 'map val'}],
'bin5' => {'value5' => [124, "string value"]},

client.put(key, bin_map)
record = client.get(key)
record.bins['bin1'] = 'other value'

client.put(key, record.bins)
record = client.get(key)
puts record.bins

puts client.exists(key)