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Featured Content


Developer Sandbox

Get up and running quickly with this fun developer sandbox that allows you to interact with an Aerospike database and run code in Java and Python, right from your browser!


How to Deploy Aerospike Database Using AWS Quick Start

What's the fastest way to start using Aerospike Enterprise Edition? Spin up a Docker container!


Feature Store with Aerospike

Launch in Binder

This Jupyter notebook is first of the series that walks you through feature engineering, model training, and model serving scenarios on Spark.


Message Transformer for Aerospike Connect for Kafka

Translate a streamed Kafka message to an Aerospike record by performing insert, update, or delete in Aerospike.


The Lastest Set of Features Added to Asadm — Aerospike Admin Tool

Learn about the latest capabilities in Dynamic Configuration, Roster Management, Truncation, and Job Management.


Java Object Mapper

Launch in Binder

This Jupyter notebook tutorial demonstrates the use of the Java Object Mapper, providing a convenient way of saving and retreiving objects and their relationships in Aerospike.