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· 9 min read
Neel Phadnis

(Source: Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on [Unsplash]( ) Source: Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

“Real-time describes various operations or processes that respond to inputs reliably within a specified time interval (Wikipedia).”

Real-time data must be processed soon after it is generated otherwise its value is diminished, and real-time applications must respond within a tight timeframe otherwise the user experience and business results are impaired. It is critical for real-time applications to have reliably fast access to all data, real-time or otherwise.

· 11 min read
Neel Phadnis

(Source: Photo by Cameron Ballard on [Unsplash]( ) Source: Photo by Cameron Ballard on Unsplash

The Collection Data Types (CDTs) in Aerospike are List and Map. They offer powerful capabilities to model and access your data for speed-at-scale. A major use of the CDTs is to store and process JSON documents efficiently. In the recent Aerospike Database 6.1 release, secondary index capabilities over the CDTs have been enhanced to make the CDTs even more useful and powerful for JSON documents in addition to other uses.

· 3 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup. Here are some highlights:

Come and learn in Tel Aviv on September 12, 2022 about "Operating and Querying Real-Time Data at Scale with K8s and Presto/Trino". Hear from the experts at SentinelOne, Syte, Hour One, as well as Aerospike. Find more details here.

· 19 min read
Neel Phadnis

(Source: Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash [Unsplash]( ) Source: Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash Unsplash

SQL is broadly used as a data access language for analytics. Even if you are an application developer, chances are you have used it or at least are familiar with it.

Aerospike has broad support for SQL, enabling you to use SQL to access Aerospike data in multiple ways.

· 4 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup. Here are some highlights:

Come and learn in New York on 23 August 2022 How to Get Unlimited Scale with Real-Time SLAs From Your Rich Database Apps from Srini Srinivasan, Founder and CTO of Aerospike, at SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Big Data Meetup. Register now!

Join PhonePe and Aerospike on 26 August 2022 in Bengaulru, India, for an exclusive developer meetup! Learn from PhonePe architects how to manage a large number of clusters, and get performance tips from an Aerospike expert for real-time applications. Register now!

· 14 min read
Neel Phadnis

(Source: Photo by Jametlene Reskp on [Unsplash]( ) Source: Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Aerospike Database and the client API provide a rich set of capabilities that have evolved over more than a decade through an increasing number of mission critical deployments. This post provides a high level view of the Aerospike architecture and API to give developers a broader understanding of its architecture and capabilities, and help them become more productive and effective. This post also points to resources for further exploration of specific areas.

· 3 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup. Here are some highlights:

We are restarting developer meetups! The first one is scheduled on Tuesday, July 19th in our Mountain View office. Join us if you can and learn from experts at PayPal about robust and scalable monitoring of over 2000 Aerospike nodes as well as the high level architecture of their AI/ML-based real-time fraud detection and prevention system.

· 20 min read
Neel Phadnis

(Source: Photo by Pietro Jeng on [Unsplash]( ) Source: Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash

This post focuses on the use of Collection Data Types (CDTs) for data modeling in Aerospike with a large number of objects. This is Part 2 in the two part series on Data Modeling. You can find the first post here.


Data Modeling is the exercise of mapping application objects onto the model and mechanisms provided by the database for persistence, performance, consistency, and ease of access.

Aerospike Database is purpose built for applications that require predictable sub-millisecond access to billions and trillions of objects and need to store many terabytes and petabytes of data, while keeping the cluster size - and therefore the operational costs - small. The goals of large data size and small cluster size mean the capacity of high-speed data storage on each node must be high.

· 4 min read
Ishaan Biswas

Graph databases need to perform at a planetary scale

You can quickly become enamored with graph databases. When you discover that a short graph query can express what took you 6 weeks and 2 ounces of midnight oil in SQL - it is a life changing experience. When you use those queries to gain new insights about your customers through graph analytics, it is transformational for your business. So what happens when the technology you’ve so fallen in love with and become so reliant on, grinds to a halt? Imagine what that could do to your business.

· 2 min read

Welcome to the Aerospike Standup. Here are some highlights:

We released version 1.6.0 of our JDBC driver which adds secondary index support as well as batch reads and writes.

If you are developing applications, this article on data modeling illustrates some strategies to get the most out of Aerospike. Judicious modeling can help unleash Aerospike's true performance and open up use cases that might be hidden from you otherwise.

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