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· 15 min read
Ken Tune


Aerospike is a high performance distributed database, particularly well suited for real time transactional processing. It is aimed at institutions and use-cases that need high throughput ( 100k tps+), with low latency (95% completion in <1ms), while managing large amounts of data (Tb+) with 100% uptime, scalability and low cost.

· 8 min read
Kiran Matty

When used with the Spark, Aerospike offers massively parallel storage to enable you to build high throughput and low latency ETL pipelines. Aerospike is a highly scalable NoSQL database and its hybrid memory architecture makes it an ideal database for Spark applications. It is typically deployed into real-time environments managing terabyte to petabyte data volumes and supports millisecond read and write latencies. It leverages bleeding-edge storage innovations such as PMem or persistent memory from best of breed hardware companies such as HPE and Intel. By storing indexes in DRAM, and data on persistent storage (SSD) and read directly from SSD, Aerospike provides unparalleled speed and cost-efficiency.

· 5 min read
Kiran Matty

source: Markus Spiske on

Aerospike database along with the Aerospike Connect family of connectors enable you to build low latency and high throughput streaming pipelines. Last year, we had released the Message Transformer for Kafka and Pulsar inbound connectors, which allows you an easy way to develop custom code for event processing prior to writing them to Aerospike.

· 5 min read
Sourabh Bhagat

The Aerospike Quick Start is an automated deployment guide built by Aerospike and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architects to get you started with Aerospike. It’s best suited for users who want to get started with Aerospike on the AWS Cloud using current best practices, high availability, and security-related features. More details about Aerospike Quick Start can be found here.