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Scan Records

The Aerospike Rust client provides the ability to scan all records in a specified Namespace and set.

Scanning Records

This example counts the number of records in the scan result:

extern crate aerospike;

use aerospike::*;

fn main() {
let hosts = &std::env::var("AEROSPIKE_HOSTS").unwrap();
let client = Client::new(&ClientPolicy::default(), &hosts).unwrap();
let mut policy = ScanPolicy::default();
policy.include_bin_data = false;
match client.scan(&policy, "test", "demo", None) {
Ok(records) => {
let mut count = 0;
for record in &*records {
match record {
Ok(record) => count += 1,
Err(err) => panic!("Error executing scan: {}", err),
println!("Records: {}", count);
Err(err) => println!("Error fetching record: {}", err),

The scan can now execute. If an error occurs while executing the scan, parallel scan threads to other nodes are terminated and the error propagates back through the record scan.