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Introduction - Ruby Client

Use the Aerospike Ruby client to build Ruby applications to store and retrieve data from the Aerospike database.

The library is compatible with Ruby 2.3+ and supports Linux, macOS and various other BSDs.


This example creates a client and makes a cluster connection, creates a key, writes and deletes a record, and closes the cluster connection.

require 'rubygems'
require 'aerospike'

include Aerospike

client ='')

key ='test', 'test', 'key value')
bin_map = {
'bin1' => 'value1',
'bin2' => 2,
'bin4' => ['value4', {'map1' => 'map val'}],
'bin5' => {'value5' => [124, "string value"]},

client.put(key, bin_map)
record = client.get(key)
record.bins['bin1'] = 'other value'

client.put(key, record.bins)
record = client.get(key)
puts record.bins

puts client.exists(key)