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Connecting with the Aerospike Python Client

Use the Aerospike Python client API to connect to the Aerospike database.

Import the module

To import the Aerospike Python client module into your application:

import aerospike

Configure a client

A client configuration may specify various options, including:

  • hosts: An array of (address, port) tuples that describe the cluster. Only one tuple is required.
  • policies: A dict of policies to set defaults along with read and write flexibility.
  • User authentication: key-value pairs of user and password data.

Explore the full client configuration.

The following example creates a sample client configuration:

config = {
'hosts': [
( '', 3000 )
'policies': {
'timeout': 1000 # milliseconds
# if user authentication is enabled
'user': user,
'password': password

Create a client

To create a new client:

client = aerospike.client(config)

Calling the aerospike.client constructor establishes the connection.

A failed connection results in an exception. On success, your application can execute database operations.

It's not necessary to call client.connect() unless client.close() has run previously. connect() is a no-op function unless an existing connection has already closed.


Read the following APIs for more information: