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C# Client Installation

Install Aerospike C# Client.


  • NET 6+
  • [Optional]Visual Studio 2022+

Nuget Install

The compiled C# client library dll is available on nuget. To install, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Aerospike.Client

AerospikeClient is downloaded and added to your project as a reference in Visual Studio. Neo.Lua will also be downloaded, but it's not automatically added as a reference. If you plan on issuing aggregation queries (where lua code is run on the client side), then manually add a reference to Neo.Lua located in the downloaded packages folder.

Source Code Package

The C# client source code package is available from:

The client projects are:

  • Aerospike.sln Visual Studio solution.
  • AerospikeClient C# client library.
  • AerospikeTest C# client unit tests.
  • AerospikeBenchmarks C# client benchmarks command line application.
  • AerospikeDemo C# client examples WinForms application. Windows only.
  • AerospikeAdmin Aerospike user administration WinForms application. Windows only.