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Connecting with the Aerospike C# Client

To establish an Aerospike server connection, create an AerospikeClient object by providing the IP address and port of one cluster node. This IP address is used to initiate contact to the cluster, and the client can then discover the entire cluster.

AerospikeClient client = new AerospikeClient("", 3000);

The AerospikeClient constructor creates a maintenance thread that periodically pings nodes for cluster status.

On a network disturbance where the client can no longer reach any nodes, the seed nodes (and the discovered friend nodes on initial connection) are pinged until client-server connection is reestablished.

The AerospikeClient instance is thread-safe and can be used concurrently. Each get/set call is a blocking, synchronous network call to Aerospike. Connections are cached with a connection pool for each server node.

Cleaning Up

Call Close() when all transactions are finished and the application is ready to shutdown.


The AerospikeClient object can no longer be called after calling Close).