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Client Matrix

Aerospike provides the following client libraries with various levels of functionality:

Each of these features is explained fully in our individual feature guides.

Batch Transactions⁴
Batch Writes
Bitwise Operations
Boolean Data Type
Client-Server Compression
Context Path Creation
HyperLogLog Data Type
PI Query (Scan)
SI Query
Query Partitions
Query Pagination
Operation Expressions⁸
Geospatial Query
Background Query Operation
Filter Expressions on Operations⁸
Filter Expressions on Queries⁸
Record UDF
Stream UDF
PKI Authentication✳️⁷
Load Balancer as Seed Node
Strong Consistency
Rack Aware Reads
1 Minimum JDK version is 8.
2 C client supports libev, libuv, and libevent asynchronous frameworks.
4 Refers to a transaction of read operations (`operate`) run in a batch against multiple keys.
5 Node.js client supports TLS on Linux only.
6 Node.js has RBAC support for connections to EE clusters, but not the management of users and roles.
7 REST has TLS, IPv6 and PKI authentication between the gateway and the EE cluster, but not for calls to the gateway itself.
8 Aerospike Filter Expressions were added in Aerospike Database 5.2; Operation Expressions were added in Aerospike Database 5.6.
9 Minimum JDK version is 17.

For more details, check out the architecture guide or the language-specific client manuals.