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The aerospike object represents a single cluster. To connect to a cluster, you must configure an aerospike object and initialize the client.

Configuring the Client

To configure the client, initialize the as_config object to its default value using as_config_init():

as_config config;

Minimum configuration host requirements are one host to seed the client. The client attempts connect to each seed host until it succeeds. On success, the host connects to one node in the cluster and automatically discovers the remaining cluster nodes.

To populate the as_config object with application-specific settings:

as_config_add_host(&config, "", 3000);

Initializing a Client

To connect to the cluster, initialize an aerospike client object using your configuration:

aerospike as;
aerospike_init(&as, &config);

On success, aerospike_init() returns the initialized aerospike object; otherwise NULL returns.

Establishing a Connection

On successful client initialization, you can connect to the cluster.

On error, aerospike_connect() requires an as_error object to populate:

as_error err;
if (aerospike_connect(&as, &err) != AEROSPIKE_OK) {
fprintf(stderr, "err(%d) %s at [%s:%d]\n", err.code, err.message, err.file, err.line);

The value of err.code must match the return code from aerospike_connect. If AEROSPIKE_OK is not the return value, an error occurred. Check the err object for information.

An aerospike object internally contains the cluster status and maintains the connection pools to the cluster. The application can reuse the aerospike object for database operations to a given cluster.

If the application needs to connect to multiple Aerospike clusters, it must create multiple aerospike objects, one for each cluster.

Closing a Connection

When the application no longer requires the client connections to the cluster, use aerospike_close() to close connections:

as_error err;
if (aerospike_close(&as, &err) != AEROSPIKE_OK) {
fprintf(stderr, "err(%d) %s at [%s:%d]\n", err.code, err.message, err.file, err.line);

Cleaning Up Resources

You can use aerospike_destroy() to destroy the client and release all of its resources: