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· 19 min read
Neel Phadnis

(Source: Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash [Unsplash]( ) Source: Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash Unsplash

SQL is broadly used as a data access language for analytics. Even if you are an application developer, chances are you have used it or at least are familiar with it.

Aerospike has broad support for SQL, enabling you to use SQL to access Aerospike data in multiple ways.

· 5 min read
Kiran Matty

Sound business decisions lean heavily on solid business intelligence, commonly referred to as “BI”. Its purpose is to support better business decision-making. BI tools such as Tableau, Micro-strategy, Looker, Qlik, etc. are a staple in the toolbox of a business analyst or a data analyst. However, analysts not only care about premier dashboarding and analytics capabilities but also the speed of analysis. Interactive dashboarding demands near real-time response times to be impactful.